Nadinoo .... Slowing Living Clothing ...Reflected In Our Mirror.

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

'We strive to make down to earth clothing that offer simplicity, comfort, function and versatility within your wardrobe'

'Woven in the very fabric of Nadinoo is our deep love for the craft and process of making good clothes. From pattern cutting the comfiest fit to sourcing the ideal natural cloth for your garment to be stitched in. We take great pride in every process to ensure you end up with a truly functional garment that you reach for time and time again. Perhaps it's our countryside setting, but there is no rush to complete a new collection or catch a trend, it's all about creating great garments that wear slow and stand the test of time.'

When we first met Nadia (as in Nadinoo), we were impressed by her attention to detail shown in her beautiful clothing range and serene shop based in Rutland

(3A Market Street, Oakham, LE15 6DY).

The considered style and soft palette of colours used in the shop is the perfect backdrop for the collection. So we were delighted when Nadia commissioned us to make a large, simple mirror for clients to see how lovely they look.

Made of chunky English Oak, the frame reflects back in the mirror to make it look twice as thick and the legs at the base lift it off the floor.

Also being a great photographer, it gives us a thrill every time Nadia features it in one of her inspiring Instagram posts.

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