Original Prints Need Frames - Geoffrey Powell

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

'I've never known anyone regret buying an original print'

Quote from Helen Rosslyn - Director of the annual London Print Fair in a recent copy of the RA magazine.

'I want to sell prints that are beautiful, decorative, affordable and accessible'. This is Geoffrey's opening line on his website. All his prints are 'limited editions' usually one of an collection limited to 100 or 200 prints. They are all signed, and often dated, by familiar names such as David Hockney, Allen Jones, Henry Moore etc.

We met Geoffrey whilst both exhibiting at a fair in Hampstead, the first time we had for sale our mirrors with various frames from rough, gnarled oak to black scorched wood. Geoffrey later contacted us to ask if we could produce a frame using the scorched wood finish, but with different dimensions to compliment one of his prints.

This was a fascinating project to be involved with and produced a dramatic result.

However, it's always worrying to set fire to a frame once it's finished.


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