Sculptor : Illustrator : Collector .... Jennie McCall

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We can nearly see Jennie's beautiful thatched cottage from our garden. The cottage, dating from 1700, now has a stunning wooden built studio in the grounds, where Jennie, and her talented family, create intriguing works of art.

Her private commissions and award winning works range in size and we began to talk about how to display them to show off the delicate porcelain. As Jennie's creations are influenced by nature, dark wood with lots of texture seemed perfect to compliment each one. Something we were very happy to help with.

We discussed, designed and tried out various styles resulting in blocks of several sizes and shapes being produced. Treating natural English Oak with a combination of iron and vinegar oxidises the wood turning it virtually black, but allows the odd distortion in the patina to show through.

Working with talented artists like Jennie is inspiring and keeps us thinking in a creative way.


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