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'Inky' Display Stool in Scorched Wood

'Inky' Display Stool in Scorched Wood


A small display stool that has been scorched to give it dramatic, matt black finish.  

It is rustic in design and useful for displaying plants, candles, tablescaping etc.

We call this display stool 'Inky' after our friend's dog who was once very black in colour.



  • Dimensions

    Length - 31.5 cm

    Width - 15 cm

    Height - 14.5 cm

  • Handmade

    Due to the nature of this display stool being handmade, exact dimensions wood colour/patina may vary.  Also, as the wood has been scorched, it does have a rough texture and the odd crack which adds to it's character.

  • Stock / Delivery

    If this display stool is out of stock, please contact us and we can make one for you (subject to the availability of the wood).

    Delivery - B (£5.95)

    (See Delivery details)

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