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'Wild Herb' Handmade Artisan Soap + Oak Stand

'Wild Herb' Handmade Artisan Soap + Oak Stand

SKU: S001

A collaboration with The Whitstable Soap Company who make handcrafted, artisan soaps using a traditional method known as Cold Process where natural oils and butters are combined with lye and left to cure for at least 4 weeks.

Their formula has been carefully curated to create a cleansing, nourishing and creamy bar full of luxurious, high quality ingredients to leave your skin feeling pampered, fresh and silky smooth.


'Wild Herb' is an earthy yet fresh bar, naturally coloured using powdered lemon balm from our garden.

Notes of lemon and rosemary essential oils will help you feel invigorated, while the healing and soothing properties of freshly harvested herbs will calm your skin, leaving you feeling grounded and connected to nature.


We have added a handmade oak soap stand with grooves on either side to help it drain.

These vary in height.


Wrapped in individual papers, this would make a perfect small, unisex gift. 


1 left in stock.



  • Ingredients

    Titanium Dioxide

    Activated Charcoal

    Green Oxide

    Lemon Balm (harvested and powdered at home in Whitstable)

    Lemon essential Oil

    Rosemary essential oil


    30% Olive Oil  

    30% Coconut Oil 

    15% Babassu Oil 

    10% Sunflower Oil 

    5%  Cocoa Butter 

    5%  Castor Oil  

    5%  Shea Butter 

    Distilled water



  • The Whitstable Soap Company

    'We aspire to produce our soaps with minimal impact on our environment

    We are proudly a zero plastic company, choosing to only use recycled or biodegradable materials.

    Our soaps are strictly vegan with no animal products, palm oil or animal testing involved with our production process.

    We endeavour to buy our ingredients from sustainable sources and try to use local produce as far as is possible.

    Living by the sea we are very sensitive to pollution and try our best to combat its negative effect on our coastline.'

  • Details / Stock

    70 gms - as each soap is unique and cut by hand this might vary slightly

    Stand dimensions

    Width - 5.5 cm

    Length - 6.5 cm

    Height - 2cm - small 

    Height - 3 cm - medium

    1 left in stock


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