Bread Gift Box

Bread Gift Box

SKU: GB005

A Gift Box for any bread lover or a stylish gift for anyone's kitchen.

... circular board made of Sycamore (the traditional wood used for kitchen boards) 

... a very sharp bread knife with a boxwood handle and stainless steel blade

  • Gift Box

    Length - 43 cm

    Width - 30 cm

    Height - 7 cm

    Kraft box with lid, decorated with ribbon, wired string and elm tag

  • Board

    A circular board in English sycamore.

    Diameter - 31 cm

    Depth - 3 cm

    Due to the nature of this board being handmade, exact dimensions and wood colour/patina may vary.

  • Knife


    Length with blade - 36 cm

    Length of blade - 22 cm

    Width of blade - 3 cm

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