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'Edie' Display Stool in Rustic Oak

'Edie' Display Stool in Rustic Oak


A small, rustic display stool.  

Made of reclaimed English oak, this stool has numerous uses for indoor plants, candlesticks, to add height to a table display etc.

The edges are curved, legs hand shaped and the top has the detail of the legs showing through.

'Edie' named after our friends minature Dachshund.

  • Dimensions

    These dimensions are approximate.  Each stool is slightly different.

    Length - 31 cm

    Width - 12 cm

    Height - 11.5 cm

  • Handmade

    Due to the nature of this display stool being handmade, exact dimensions, wood colour/patina may vary.

  • Stock / Delivery

    Available in other dimensions and wood.

    Delivery - (£5.95)

    See delivery details.

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