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Mirror in Rustic Oak Frame

Mirror in Rustic Oak Frame

SKU: M003

A square, dense,  rustic mirror frame with lots of organic detail.  

The wood is a piece of 'art' itself.

The angles of the wood draw attention to the centre of the frame which has a smoked mirror.

The mirror can be easily changed for any image/piece of art. 

  • Dimensions


    Height/Width - 25 cm

    Depth - 6.5 cm


    Height - 7 cm

    Width - 6.5 cm

    Depth - 2 cm

    Weight - 2.1 kg (approx)

  • Handmade

    Due to the nature of this mirror being handmade, exact dimensions and wood colour/patina may vary.

  • Stock / Delivery

    This is a one-off piece.

    Available in other dimensions and finishes.

    Delivery C - £7.95 (due to weight)

    See delivery details.

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