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Storage Box in Elm with Sycamore Lining

Storage Box in Elm with Sycamore Lining

SKU: SB001

A stylish way to store anything ... tea, herbs, chillis etc or any items from the home. 

Handmade of English Elm and lined with Sycamore.

The design is inspired by an original Japanese tea caddy.

  • Dimensions

    External measurements

    Height - 13 cm (including lid)

    Width - 11 cm


  • Handmade

    Due to the nature of this storage box being handmade, exact dimensions and wood colour/patina may vary.

  • Stock /Delivery

    If this is out of stock, please contact us and we can make one for you (subject to the availability of wood).

    Delivery - (£3.95)

    See delivery details.

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